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[Sat] Wu Tao Dance Therapy (Online) 线上舞道

You can choose to purchase a session for $30, or 6 sessions at $150.

  • 30 Singapore dollars
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Service Description

(Photo credit: © Michelle Locke, Founder of Wutao, website: ## Unlock your Special Online Discounts with JennyNg.Coach Today! ## At the end of the six (6) sessions, you will be able to: - Use Wutao Dance Therapy as a practice of self-care to maintain your own physical, social and emotional wellness - Each session consists of: *Body shake and Hara breathing *Makko Ho stretches *Element Dance(s): Air, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth *Meditation ++Special Promotion EXTRA 15min Self Shiatsu Massage++ ************************ Benefits of Wu Tao: With the dance movement and music, 5 dances of Wu Tao relate to the 5 elements (i.e. Air, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) and stimulate energy flow through their corresponding organs and meridian system. By doing Wu Tao, you are stimulating and toning all the organs of your body, not only it promotes health, each element associates with an emotion (i.e. Grief, Fear, Anger, Joy and Worry), and at the end of each session, not only it helps ease your stress level, but also brings you sense of balance and peace. As founder of Michelle Locke describes how Wu Tao brings holistic wellness, " *Physically: It strengthens and tone your body and increases the flow of energy *Emotionally: To deal with stress and transform old feelings that weigh you down *Mentally: To create new thought patterns that are congruent with health, success and happiness Wu Tao stimulates both sides of your brain into action." ------------------ (照片来源:© Michelle Locke,舞道创办人,网址: ## 现在就享用线上特别折扣和优惠 ## 每一堂课的流程: - 呼吸放松热身 - 真相法 (Makko Ho Stretches) 放松延展 - 元素舞蹈,如:空气,木,水,火和土5个元素舞 - 冥想 ++ 特别赠送 15分钟 自我指压按摩 ++ ************************ 《舞道》的益处: 《舞道》五行舞,如:空气,木,水,火和土5个元素舞,结合了舞蹈动作和音乐,疏通经络,联系相应的脏腑器官;通行气血,让能量流动起来。除了5个元素舞之外,每一次的课程里,我们也会配合热身和冥想,让你放松起来,心情舒畅。每一次练习《舞道》后,你会感觉到平衡和祥和。 《舞道》创始人 Michelle Locke 藉着《舞道》带给与学员们和喜欢《舞道》的朋友们全盘的健康: 身体:让肌肉紧实,让能量流动起来。 情绪:抗压,转换情绪 精神:创造新的思维模式,迈向积极健康的人生道路 通过《舞道》舞蹈疗愈,你不但找到全身心自我护理,常保健康,长期的练习,也会刺激你的左右脑的运行,让你能跨越自我评判,不让自己停留在头脑层面,而行动起来。

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