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The World Can Judge You, But It Won't Change You

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

14 November 2021, 11:11am

Yesterday, Ally and I had some judgement towards one another, and I expressed how uncomfortable or insecured I felt to grant her the permission to do something she has yet to be able to manage well. We were having a conversation around judgement, and acknowledging how judgements are made at home, in school, and anytime anywhere. We spoke about how judgement would or would not affect us as a person when...

  • Both of us sometimes have judgement against one another around, “Are we doing the right thing at the right time?”, “Do we honour our words?” Deep down we are building trust in our relationship with ourselves and towards one another. Another level down, we want to know consciously or unconsciously, “Do you see me, do you hear me?” And yes, there are deeper levels as one probes further.

  • Between my husband and I, we may have judgement around the cleanliness at home. Deep down we are trying to know that we are sharing fair responsibilities between one another, and both of us play a part in running this household smoothly and comfortably. And yes, individually, each of us could have internal self-worth issues to resolve when we are courageous enough to probe further.

As long as we are aware of our judgement of the other party, and willing to communicate what we think and how we feel from the place of love (for connection) and through authentic expression, these judgements would neither change a single bit of who we are, nor try to change the other person.


To identify and be aware of your judgements that may get in the way for you to connect with your children, and find out authentic expression to help you bring your relationship closer with your child(ren), join me at this new course "In and Out Box Parenting (Adults Only)" in December 2021. As a part of gratitude of having your support in 2021, I wish to offer a Special Dec 2021 Gratitude Promo Code: ThankYou2021. To find out more, click the link at below:

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