Reconnect with Your True Essence with our Urban Naturalist Parenting Workshop

Updated: Nov 9

For those living in a bustling city like Singapore, it can be effortless to lose ourselves in the daily grind of work and other responsibilities. Performing rigid roles can cause us to disconnect from our essence and lose our connection with nature.

This misalignment becomes even more challenging for parents who tend to their children’s needs while juggling other day-to-day tasks.

According to Dr Shefali Tsabary, “Our attachments to the ‘shoulds’ of parenting that go along with rigid roles keep us away from our heart, thereby obstructing pathways to a deep connection with our children.” That’s why it’s helpful to take time to recalibrate and find a way to bridge that gap.

One way to reconnect with our authentic essence is by seeking help from the five key elements of nature. These are earth, wood, air, water, and fire.

Each of these elements has a timeless quality that, when mirrored, can contribute to more profound freedom and a sense of being. In Wu Tao Dance Therapy, these elements are touched on and emphasised through different sessions and practices. And in our Urban Naturalist parenting workshop, you’ll experience the integration of Wu Tao Dance Therapy and Conscious Parenting. Keep reading!

What is Wu Tao Dance Therapy?

Wu Tao Dance Therapy traces its roots in Oriental medicine and aims to restore balance in our lives through practices including movement and breath work.

It doesn’t require any prior knowledge or health level and can be practised by anyone who seeks to reconnect to their true selves and achieve a sense of peace in their lives.

The Five Elements - Where Wu Tao Dance Therapy and Conscious Parenting Meet

For a better understanding of the five elements, here is a brief rundown of how each element is defined and the qualities we can absorb from each:

1. Earth

In Wu Tao Dance Therapy, with the stability and stillness cultivated in the Earth element, it becomes natural for us to witness the growth of our children from a place of love and gratitude.

As the bedrock of existence, Earth symbolises stability, which sustains all life. In the context of parenting, having Earth-like qualities means having abundant compassion for our children and being grounded enough to handle their tantrums and fears.

Embodying Earth means becoming a spiritual guide to our children, giving them space to grow and blossom instead of controlling and manipulating their behaviours.

2. Wood

Wood symbolises self-expression, how we grow from different seeds and eventually transform into our unique selves. In parenting, this will manifest in our acceptance of our personalities, not interrupting their natural flow.

Wu Tao Dance Therapy addresses blocked and stagnant energy to free you up for creative self-expres