“I was born to raise them”

A solid parental commitment.

On October 3, 2016, I attended a conference named “To Inside the World’s Best Preschool Fuji Kindergarten, Japan - A dialogue with the school’s Principal & Architect”. One of the keynote speakers, Mr Takaharu Tezuka, responded to one of the audience’s questions during plenary session, the audience was curious about how this renowned Japanese Architect, Mr Takaharu Tezuka, raises his children.

Mr Tezuka then described his children individuality and strengths, each of his family members wears specific colour-coded tops: his colour is blue, his wife's is red, as for children, one wears yellow, and the other wears green. He said the way he raised his children was to trust every choice they made, and he would definitely be there for them if they needed him. He made this comment that touched my heart deeply, he said, “I was born to raise them (my children)”.

I learnt about unconditional love from the birth of my daughter. While I love my daughter unconditionally, I have also received unconditional love from her. I took a career break from my full-time job in 2012, as I wanted to seize her golden window of opportunity for her development, especially in the first 5 years of her life. Additionally, through a visioning exercise, I realise that the most important thing in my life, after being a mother, is to know my daughter is able to live on when I pass on. I want to equip her with essential skills, so that she can take care of herself, be a resilient and caring human being. What are some of these essential skills she needs to learn and master? I started identifying them by asking myself, "What are some of these skills I have help me overcome challenges in life over and over again, that affirm my resilience as a human being?"

While I can go on and on to list down questions and to probe myself and think deeper of these skills, Mr Tezuka’s comment on “I was born to raise them (my children)” simplifies all these overthinkings. I further internalised his comment as, "Parenting is destined, it is about raising ourselves first, growing up and transforming ourselves to be better human beings. Our children are our teachers."

©Photo by Greentree Montessori ( at Fuji kindergarten Singapore Conference

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