Hide-and-Seek? Count me out!

My 10-year-old daughter, Ally, has been responsible for her own boredom since Home-base Learning started in April 2020. First week, she found some science related experiments and gathered ingredients needed and played. Click here

to watch some of her experiments.

Second and third weeks, she was busy catching up with school assignments as they piled up over time. Just this Sunday, I could see that she just wanted to have fun and do something new. That afternoon, she asked, “Mummy, can you go hide and I come and look for you?”

Being an only child in the family, Ally has no one to play with when she wants to play hide-and-seek. I thought it could be fun, hence, I agreed and went hiding in our storeroom that I thought it could take her a while because I left the door half open and it was dark just like a normal day. Within minutes, she found me. (oh well...) After that, she said, “Now it’s my turn to hide, and you come and find me.”

After counting down from 30, I started looking for her. I checked behind curtains, the dark storeroom, under the beds, I even checked the washing machine, I could not find her. The house had no sign of her. As I was quite aware of myself, I was observing myself with my third eye, I could see that I started feeling anxious and “scared”. I started having conversations with myself, “It looks like, as an adult, I can no longer play hide-and-seek, it’s no fun at all, and I start feeling fearful. What if she hides somewhere dangerous… What if I can’t find her, what if...” I was also feeling my body and my emotions. I was having mixed feelings… The abundance side of me wanting to be a cool and fun mummy; on the other hand, the fearful side of me went into panic mode.

I could feel my heart raced faster, my breath was not smooth, but I spoke calmly, “Ally, mummy doesn’t want to play anymore, please come out.” I followed some noises she made, and found her in a laundry basket and she was covered with a blanket. OMG, I could never think of that way to hide, she camouflaged herself very well in the laundry basket. I praised her for her wittiness, and I surrendered to wanting to be in control when things were uncertain (e.g. what if, what if, …). I concluded that hide-and-seek would not be suitable for adults, or at least me (projection of a part of me that is operating from fear). Because of fear, we as adults seem to miss out lots of fun and creativity in life. ☺️

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