Jenny's Experiences as a Parenting Coach

Jenny Ng is a conscious mother of an 12-year-old daughter. 

She was born and raised in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.  After obtaining my bachelor degree from a university in the USA, she  got herself a job at an infocomm research institute in Singapore, and have settled down here since 1997.

In 2010, she became a mum, because of an Aha moment of feeling the unconditional love of her 2-month-old daughter, she has then started her self-awakening journey and personal growth till this day.  

As a conscious mum, conscious parenting coach, family life educator, and associate lecturer at a post-secondary education institution, she is passionate about providing parents, primary child caregivers, and even teachers, alternative perspectives and methods in connecting with children, pre-teens, adolescents, or at any age group. 

As a conscious mother, she strongly believes when parents are clear about who they are, what their parenting manifesto is, where they wish to lead their family life towards, they can  truly enjoy their children and grow together with them.

She has obtained my Master of Education in Family Education from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, since 2017.  She is also a certified conscious parenting coach trained by Dr Shefali Tsabary, a certified Wutao Dance Therapy instructor trained by Michelle Locke, she completed her 90-hour Compassionate Inquiry Self-Study Short Course developed by Dr Gabor Mate, and a MSF accredited Family Life Educator.

She has good listening ears, and enjoys having conversations with children, teenagers, parents and grandparents, learning about and from them.  She is a self-care advocate, as life is getting calmer and calmer with the practice of daily meditation,  regular dance therapy sessions, daily reflective journals and regular mindful connection with her child by doing nothing for 10 minutes. 

Academics and Professional Activities/ Accomplishments: 

Jenny has completed the following professional qualifications and certifications:​

  • Certified Conscious Parenting Coach trained by Dr Shefali Tsabary

  • Certified Wu Tao Dance Therapy Instructor trained by Michelle Locke

  • Master of Education in Family Education, University of Minnesota, USA 

  • Parent Education Postbaccalaureate Certificate, University of Minnesota, USA 

  • Signposts for Building Better Behaviour Facilitator Certificate awarded by KK Women's and Children's Hospital

  • The Incredible Years: Parent Group Learder Certificates for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers and School-Age Programmes trained by Kimberlee Shoecraft

  • Common Sense Parenting® Programme by Boystown USA trained by Morning Star Community Services

  • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) trained under Institute for Adult Learning

Community Service Activities/ Accomplishments: 

Conduct and/or develop and/or integrate programmes and workshops for Morning Star Community Services and SEED Institute's Parents College at preschools, primary schools and community service centres:

  • The Parenting Years Programmes for KidStart families

  • SkillsFuture Credit course - Child Development Blended Learning (1.5hrs Online Learning + 5.5hrs Face-to-face classroom) on Udemy platform

  • Signposts for Building Better Behaviour

  • Common Sense Parenting

  • Teaching Focus and Self-Control 

  • Structuring your child's time

  • Transit into P1 with ease​

  • Other customised parenting topics

  • Volunteer at Sunbeam's children home:

    • Held a storytelling and springroll making for young children; and a career talk session for the teenagers in 2012

    • Held a cultural learning programme titled "Let's go Indonesia!" for school aged children in 2015

Leadership Activities/ Accomplishments:

Jenny founded social enterprise and spreadheaded Nannies on Wheels ( and Family Tales (

  • With Nannies on Wheels, she integrates child caregiving services with parent education to enhance meaningful communications between caregivers and parents, e.g. She encourages educarers to understand parents' parenting philosophies, support them with alternative views in childcare and child development aspects, inject elements of parent education, provide child caregiving aligned with parents' parenting philosophies. 

  • She trains educarers to provide alternative child caregiving and educational care services to parents, and helps relieve parents' stress at work or attend to emergency matters at regular or ad hoc basis. These services are available for home environment, corporate event, outdoor, etc.

  • She leads and creates children programmes and theme-based outdoor experiential learning, guides and directs  curriculum design and lesson plans for a children holiday program - "Love expressions for young children" and cultural programs.