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Expressing heartfelt appreciation as we bid a fond farewell...

Dear Friends,

Time has flown by since this site was created in 2020, when I embarked on a self-declared mission to promote Conscious Parenting in my own capacity from here in Singapore/Malaysia to the rest of the world such as France, Canada, the US and China. As fate would have it, the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, and serendipitously, I crossed paths with a group of Chinese-speaking parents. It was then that I embarked on the mission to translate and share the wisdom of Conscious Parenting in Chinese Mandarin. It has been an incredibly fulfilling journey, one that has allowed me to witness my personal growth as a mother and parenting coach, all while surrounded by a loving and supportive community of parents who share an unwavering love for their children. Having experienced the transformative power of conscious motherhood, I am filled with the desire to extend the same opportunity to the parents I connect with.

In the early days, I grappled with the challenge of articulating my evolving consciousness. I embarked on an inner journey to capture my experiences in the written word, which ultimately led to the creation of a book. This endeavour spanned more than two years. However, as the publishing team was preparing to design the book layout, the self-publishing company I worked with underwent a major restructuring, presenting additional obstacles that needed to be overcome before I could launch my book, which is now planned for the end of this year or early next year.

Earlier this year, I made a conscious choice to draw upon my past experiences in facilitating thinking and problem-solving skills lessons with teenagers to create value. As I honed my skills in coaching and facilitation, my inner drive for education grew stronger. I am excited to invest my time and energy in reimagining education, infusing it with fun and joyful experiences to inspire and energize learners from October 2023 onwards.

The opportunity has arrived, and I have decided to wholeheartedly devote myself to this endeavour. For friends who wish to stay connected, you may find me on:


Until we cross paths again, I wish you unwavering strength and continuous growth. Always remember, when you require help, don't hesitate to reach out for support; you are never alone.

Warmest regards,

Jenny Ng


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This book chronicles Jenny's transformative journey, where she broke free from the shackles of past childhood hurts and discovered her true worth. Parenting Unchained is an inspiring tale of healing and conscious parenting.

Inside, you'll unlock the secrets of conscious parenting, discover new and joyful ways to embrace parenthood, and establish a deeper connection with both your inner child and your kids. By becoming a curious and reflective parent, you'll break free from old patterns, expand your parenting wisdom, and empower your children to shine in their true strengths.

Embark on this incredible journey with us!

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